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Transactional Law

Know the steps involved in making a safe, secure and smooth deal.  Beware of falling into a bad trap or being taken advantage of.  Let us walk you through it and guide you to your success.

  • Know the applicable laws to the transaction

  • Be guided in commercial negotiations

  • Get assistance with management and execution of the business transaction



A good contract can turn a golden opportunity into reality.  A bad contract can lead to your financial downfall.  An attorney can help you answer the following:

  • Is this contract legal?

  • Are your rights being infringed upon?

  • Are your assets protected?

  • If you have been wronged or harmed, what are your rights and remedies?

Business Law


Did you know that over half of all American businesses are small businesses?  Our economy runs on these businesses.  If you're a business owner, let us help with the following:


  • Knowing the necessary employment guidelines

  • Limiting exposure and liability

  • Various commercial agreements

  • Knowing the correct employment guidelines

Estate Planning


Don't leave your loved ones unsecured for the future.  Don't leave your assets unprotected.  Build a strong future for those around you by carefully planning your estate.


  • Properly divide your assets with a will

  • Form a trust to oversee your estate

  • Authorize a power of attorney

  • Establish financial security for your loved ones

Have a Question?


We are here to assist you. If you have a specific question, please feel free to reach out to us and Morrar Law Office will be happy to see if we can meet your legal needs. 

Please reach out to use via our online forum or call us at 916-968-7973.

Healthcare Consulting


An ever-evolving and growing field of society, healthcare businesses face ongoing legal challenges in running their operations.  With years of experience in healthcare, we can help you navigate through common challenges:

  • Employment and Human Resources 

  • Healthcare and Safety Compliance

  • Contracting and Credentialing 

  • Healthcare Operations 

  • Transactional Advice

(916) 968-7973

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